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This blog is no more active as i have decided not to proceed further with newer posts. At the same time I don't want to delete it and hence the link remains.
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OLX Classifieds


Not very well heard of a name is this Classifieds site – OLX Classifieds is the largest Classifieds site with its support in 87 countries & 39 languages already and growing. Its free, its online and its classifieds.


Craigslist is one of the most popular names in this industry, but this site claims to be the future, and well it has a point to make with its rapidly increasing number of subscriber base and very user friendly interface.

startupThe features include:

  • Mobile access for each and every country site.
  • Supports listing with pictures as well as videos.
  • Integration with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace.
  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Amazing search filters, making it easy to find things.

The listings have really great varieties in it. It includes things starting from a paper bag to a community to coaching classes to animals to electronics to vehicles to jobs to real estate and also people. The listings is just huge and again all of the listings are Free.

search One of the features I personally loved was its search. It has many options of filters. You can search by filtering the minutest of the aspect of a product. That helps you save a lot of time by straight away rejecting unwanted material.

I loved the home-page interface, but it disappoints a little when it comes to the listing interface. Though it supports pictures and video listings very few of them have used video listing and in fact some of them have not even used the picture listing feature. Pictures should have been mandatory. For some listings the prize is just not mentioned or its written as 0 which obviously cannot be, so that tends to again disguise the customer.

Most of the above issues are present even in the other sites like Craigslist, hence it would be better to see the places where it gains over the others. I would hence give this site a thumbs-up.